Stixx Mixx was created in the beginning of 2015  in Los Angeles. As an avid cigar smoker, who also loves the taste of fine tobaccos, decided to try his hand at doing natural extracts. After perfecting the art, and getting solid feedback from friends, decided to make his craft available to others.

Stixx Mixx prides itself in the highest quality products available in micron filtered extracts.

What is N.E.T. ?

N.E.T. is an abbreviation for “Naturally Extracted Tobacco”. It can also be referred to as “Natural Tobacco Extract”. Our entire line of liquids are all Naturally Extracted blends.

The easiest definition of a NET liquid, is one that extracts the flavor from real tobacco, steeping chopped or ground tobacco in PG/VG or a mix of the two to allow the natural flavors to make their way into the base mixture. This can be done with the aid of heating to make the process a little quicker and to offer a stronger flavor, or cold (with no heat added) – which takes longer but preserves more of the complexity and nuance of the flavor.