Brazilian Viso

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A nice dry, not sweet shag. In the medium range it can provide body to many a mix. Use as a filler with some Nicaraguan Seco or Burley. Steep minimum of 2 weeks for full flavor.

Use @ 6-8% standalone @ 10% *NETs are pre-steeped use as any other flavoring*

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2 reviews for Brazilian Viso

  1. jacatro

    10% aromatic, good top note almost a tropical/citrus/floral note at the bottom. Again, since its a Viso, it’s meant to be a wrapper, or top note-this would work very well in citrus type blends-Theres a note in there I can’t quite identify- almost a honey, but not quite-more of a lingering mouthfeel. I want to put this back in the drawer to see how it develops.

  2. Rob (verified owner)

    As an ex-smoker, I was never very taken with cigars. As I began to vape, the cigar flavors tasted much better. I was more than just pleasantly surprised how this Brazilian Viso vaped by itself. All the things I like about a cigar taste is here, all the things I dislike about a cigar taste is NOT there.

    I’m immensely enjoying this – easily an all day vape!

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