Chai Black Tea

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Premium black tea, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, black and white pepper,and nutmeg. Use @ 4-8%

*may contain caffeine*

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    1 review for Chai Black Tea

    1. Joseph

      Tested on hobo drifter single SS coil with single coil reducer


      A nice green like note but NOT earthy. The tea is sweet and tasty. A great natural green like flavor comes through on the inhale with a nice sweet tea exhale. I really am liking the heck out of this.

      Mixes with:

      Vanillas: Pretty much any of them that I can think of. I’d try to stay away from most of the earthier ones and probably go lighter.

      Creams: Stay light, play safe…. but don’t ignore the custard completely. I can see this complementing a well-made vanilla custard very nicely.

      Fruits: Berries galore. I can see a killer berry tea going here. Would also make a great addition to a tropical mix to give a a nice sweet green back note. Be creative, this could be very very interesting…..

      Coffees would drown it out.

      Heavier flavors like bakeries (cakes and stuff) would drown it out but you might be able to use it for the sweetness.

      Killer with caramel, toasted marshmallow. Just go light with these. Ummm. There’s a bunch of other stuff but for the life of me……. I can’ t think of them right now.

      Definitely a great flavor and one that is different than the norm. Keeping it in my stash.

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