Latakia Fire Cured

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Latakia is a Yenidje like leaf that goes through a smoke curing similar to the Dark Fire Cured

Use at .25 – 4% as stand alone 6% *NETs are pre-steeped, use as any other flavoring*

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    6 reviews for Latakia Fire Cured

    1. robertoepons (verified owner)

      This is a master peace by Stixx Mixx. If you are looking for a true middle eastern Latakia tobacco flavor, look no further. I will recommend 8% though with 70% PG to get the real essence of this wonderful tobacco flavoring.

    2. Joseph

      Stixx Mixx Latakia Flake
      Mixed at 4% 5% 7% and 9%. Tested on an Entheon with open airflow 3mm 316LSS Alien 28/38 at .4 Ohms.

      4% mild smoky taste. Lightly sweet. I’d use here as a backnote to a just about any tobacco.
      5% A little heavier, not much difference here. More noticeable; begins to get a little stronger at first, but mellows out nicely.
      7% I would use it here as a pretty heavy smoky taste without too much woody notes. Think of a mild fire log, I don’t really know how else to describe it. Nicely sweet, not burnt flavor like some of the dark fires out there.
      9% Holy cow. I don’t know if I’d recommend this, but for fun, I tasted it here. It was a heavy smoky, very nice smooth, sweet flavor. Not burned, not over the top.

      While this isn’t as strong as the average dark fire, I definitely would recommend this over any of the dark fires, if you are looking for that smoky taste at the end of the cigarette. It’s nice and smoky without the sometimes overly powerful taste that some of the black fires/dark fires have.

      If I were to mix this with something:
      I suppose you could use it with some vanillas and maybe even a caramel note. It could be interesting. BUT mostly I’d use it with other tobaccos. Probably a nice Stixx Mixx Honduran Ligero, or Nicaraguan Seco and 3-6% of this to accent the back end depending on how smoky you want it.

      Oooh definitely give this a pinch (2%) in some of that new Stixx Mixx Stokkebye. It should add a nice smoky finish to help accent the Cavendish in it.

      I might even add a touch of this to some chocolate to add a nice back note. It could add a nice sweet/smoky note to it to bring out the campfire effect in a smore perhaps.

      Be creative. This stuff is pretty good. Definitely going to be calling on it when I need a smoky finish.

    3. erkvapes

      Mmmmhhh excellent. I think this Latakia better than Black note. I mixed % 10 Thanks Stixx Mixx

    4. draganvedrana (verified owner)

      At 7% and 10 days of steeping… Just wow.
      It is a very dark flavor and I love it.

    5. Vaporoso MTL (verified owner)

      Impressive Latakia !.
      It has an excellent aromatic range. Only and in a concentration of 20%. It presents a balanced smokey flavor in which notes of resins, aromatic woods and natural tars are perceived in the foreground. Within the resins, important notes of incense in its correct proportion and pitch are appreciated along with a slight touch of very very light notes of gasoline that provide an impressive depth. In the smoked flavor, notes of ash and woods from aromatic shrubs such as juniper stand out.
      It is one of the best Latakias that I have tried to date. Excellent extraction work in which a very wide, complex and deep aromatic range has been maintained. My congratulations!!!

    6. Bo (verified owner)

      This NET grew up on me, at first I used 10% with pure VG and about 5% water, that’s it . I found it intense but later came to really like the slight burnt taste. I think steeping helped a lot. Second batch at 8% is delicious and very close to my RYO. It ends up being my favorite of the few Stixx Mixx flavors I’ve tried, followed by Black Cavendish and Oriental 456. I’m glad I found Stixx Mixx, their NETs are fantastic.

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