Sweet Brightleaf

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Exactly that,…a light, bright, loose leaf shag with earthy notes. Layer with other light-medium shags for a nice full bodied taste. Could be used when a light woodsy note is needed. Also use combined with other earthy flavors to create a great tea.

Use @ 4-6% – 10% Standalone. 

*NETs are pre-steeped use as any other flavoring* 

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    6 reviews for Sweet Brightleaf

    1. jacatro

      Sweet Brightleaf 8% Light tobacco, notes of citrus, sweet and smokey, vanilla very nice nose, very smooth- Again a process rather than a specific tobacco.
      Brightleaf is also known as flue cured, referring to the process by which leaves were dried more quickly-very flavorful.

    2. James Darrin McDougald

      Sweet Brightleaf 5% @ 3mg/ml 70VG/30PG
      Sweet and light on the inhale at 5%. More pronounced tobacco on the exhale. No cigar notes with this one, all natural earthy tobacco leaf. Reminds me of smoking lightly cured American tobacco straight off the rack in a tobacco barn.
      My score 10/10 with thoughts of blending into a complex mix of tobaccos and caramel/vanilla.

    3. fairtradesloth (verified owner)

      Weird flavor! I love this stuff! It definitely does taste of tobacco leaf and oh yes it’s shaggy, but if I just zone out and don’t think “tobacco” as I exhale, it’s really more of an “earthy” taste than “tobacco” – hard to explain in my opinion. It is actually very sweet to my palette. Not like sucralose sweet, but it does have a really nice inherent sweetness to it that I’m really enjoying. Honestly this is a great stand-alone but I could see it being used to sweeten and deepen earthy notes of other tobaccos. I could also see this being a good candidate to mix with vanilla, or teas or anything earthy. However I don’t personally see this mixing well with, say, caramels or butterscotch.

    4. classAvaper (verified owner)

      I like my flavors strong. This one is light but very flavorful. I’ve tried a lot of NETs from other vendors too, some good, some just awful, and all more expensive. As for me, I vape mtl at low watts and enjoy flavor, I’m not a high wattage cloud machine. This one is a medium bodied flavor, dry and leafy but also slightly floral, with just a hint of sweetness and smokiness. It’s a little throatier than A+ blend and American Virginian, in a good way. Very satisfying. Great for someone who likes a medium, earthy flavor or to use when building your own blend. I had to mix it at a higher % to start getting the strength of flavor that I like, the concentration levels have gone up since I last ordered. I ordered some darker flavors to compliment this in the quest for my ultimate blend. Great customer service here. Fast shipping and fair prices. Love playing mad scientist with all these flavors. I haven’t found my perfect blend yet, but also haven’t disliked any flavors. At these prices you can afford to play around with different mixes and your always left with a good quality mix.

    5. jslaughter33351 (verified owner)

      Mixed this at 4% because i like lighter flavors and loved it. Very smooth taste. So far all the flavors I’ve gotten from here have been great with awesome service and shipping.

    6. Rob S

      Another great one in the SM lineup. As other noted, it light but flavorful. I would add that I get a nice throat hit as well. What I especially like about this one is that my taste buds don’t get weary as they do with some other flavors. Kind of “set it and forget it”, yet very satisfying!

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