Turner’s Tea

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Well blended Japanese sencha green tea with rose petals and cherries to give you all the flavor and aroma of a springtime orchard.

Recommended at 6-8%

*may contain caffeine*


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15ml Bottle, 30ml Bottle, 60ml Bottle, 120ml Bottle

2 reviews for Turner’s Tea

  1. Freddie Turner

    A delicious well balanced blend. Taste is subjective but i prefer it at around 5 to 5.5 percent solo. Slightly floral with a sweet dark cherry tucked under the rose. Mysterious and enchanting at different percentages. Hints of peach ect. Totally Delicious.

  2. Mark Turner

    One of the best, if not the Best Green Tea flavor profiles currently on the market. A delightfully subtle floral back note with a hint of light Oxheart Cherry. The Green Tea shines while not being overtly overwhelming to the palate.

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