Whiskey Cavendish

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Whiskey Cavendish is a mixture of Burley, Virginia and Black Cavendish tobaccos with an outstanding whiskey flavoring recipe to achieve a remarkable flavor and aroma – mellow but satisfying.

Use @ 8-10% *NETs are pre-steeped use as any other flavoring*

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    1. Joseph

      Stixx Mixx Whiskey Cavendish

      6% used for standalone. It’s a touch mild at 6 so I’d say I’d use 6 in a mix and around 8% for a standalone. Go around 4% if you want to use it as a nice blender in a mix. Can definitely pull this one either way, so you can go lighter say with some Canadian or maybe some Honduran Ligero. If you want to go darker, add a touch of dark fire (blackfire) and it will take it into the Grandpa’s sailor. The whiskey itself is more of a touch of flavor. It’s not like you taste it and go MMMM whiskey. It doesn’t really work like that. It’s really a good blend of the slight flavor of the drink mellowed with the flavor in a lighter format than the standard Black Cavendish. Think almost wet…. like a tasty wet whisky blonde cavendish.

      Tested on:Psyclone Entheon RDA and Hobo Drifter. Both with single coil 316LSS

      Mixes with:

      Vanillas: Yes yes and more yes. Any vanilla you can throw at it. Start light and work your way up.

      Caramel: (try with the vanilla if you like)

      Fruits: It’s going to complement quite a few fruits. Consider actually using this to give some texture to papaya, mango, and any fruit you need that texture for. It can provide what you need when used lightly. Or you could possibly add some shishas to it and see what you could come up with. It could easily fill that empty back note that the shisha’s have.

      Creams: I suppose you could go here. FOR ME, I think I would find it a bit weird but if you have some spicy creams like Catalan, or Bavarian (tfa), I could see those working. I’m not real key on the light creams here as I feel it would take something away from the flavor as a whole.

      It’s going to mostly go with flavors. Try various blends of other Stixx Mixx with this as it’s quite tasty and can complement a large variety of light and dark recipes

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